Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Date Night and More

Two great Grandparents that want to watch the grandkids....

Two Passes for the lightrail....

Two Tickets to the game....
$30.00 (they were given to us so actually free!)

One Bag of sunflower seeds and a lemonade at the game....

Fireworks after the game...

Remembering why you love to be together (even if it takes a CHEAP date night)....

Haha, it was great to get out with just the two of us. We don't do it often and it was nice to be able to leave the kids and not have to worry about anything but spending time together. Thanks MOM and DAD and Grandma Holladay! We never would have gone on our own!

Here are a few of my favorite pictures from this last week....

Two of the kids I babysit, Chloe and Cordd

Nic and Kamden... sleeping and waiting on Taya and I to be ready for church

Taya and Hammy

Kamden and Taya

Oh and Kamden's two month stats!!
He is 12lbs 6 0z (75%)
He is 24 inches (90%)
Doctor says he is a CHUNK! LOL but that he looks great and happy! He is a joy to have in our family! We really like him. He did get 4 shots but he did well and slept and had a bit of a fever. Also I don't want to jinx myself but Kamden slept 5pm-1am and then 1:30am-7:30 am on Sunday night and last night he slept from 10pm- well it is 7am and he is still sleeping! yay! Except he used to wake up at 4:30am every day and I'd go running at 5am... now I don't have my alarm clock lol!

Last but not least... Last night we went to a surprise party for Dad (Nic's dad). His birthday is on Wednesday. We had a lot of fun and we are really glad we got to go. If any of you know my father-in-law... you that he is one of the most amazing men I have ever know. He reminds me alot of my Dad at times and that makes him even easier to love. He had surgery last Wednesday on his gallbladder so we are glad he is doing better. It is hard to see a man who loves food not be able to eat cause it is so painful. Anyway I just wanted to say, "Happy Birthday Dad!" We sure do love you!!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Adventures in babysitting and Camping

I am really enjoying being home and babysitting. The kids I watch are really good and Taya loves to have playmates during the week. I do have to say I can't wait till it cools down and we can go outside more. It stinks to be in the house all day even for me!! Once a week or so I do set up the sprinkler and let them play in the water. They love it. Cordd and Taya run right through it and Marcus stays as far away as he can so he just barely gets wet... They do get creative being inside. Marcus and Taya played with a laudry basket for like an hour. It was their car! We went camping over Labor Day weekend. Nic's family has a big reunion up north. We love to go and actually look forward to it every year. It rained all day on Saturday so there were some dirty little kids running around. One little guy stayed clean and did a lot of sleeping! But he loved camping. Taya did get to play a bit with Eric. She loves him! They can be a bit mischeivous together though lol! We also got to spend some time with my mom and dad and Great Grandma Brewer and Grandma Bowers. They both are such amazing women. We had a great time camping. Nic loves it and it is a tradition that I have also grown to love. Here are a few of my favorite pictures from this weekend and I hope everyone else had a safe and fun Labor Day Weekend.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

What we've been up to...

Well as always we have been staying busy. Nic works at University of Phoenix still and as I mentioned before started his own carpet cleaning business. So that keeps him busy plus if any of you have met my husband... he is always working outside when ever he can and will help anyone with anything... moving, shoveling gravel, laying brick, etc. Anything he can do to help someone out he is more than happy to do it. He planted our garden on Monday. I will have to update with pictures from that. Then on Friday he went to my old co-worker and good friend's Megan's house and helped shovel gravel and they gave us a truck load to finish of the section in our back yard that was needing gravel. We were lucky we got all of the gravel for our back yard for free and it just happens to match the gravel in our front yard! Nic got most of it from a guy that posted an add on Craig's list that if he came and shoveled it he could have it. So his Dad and sister's loaded our truck up! It's amazing how frugal we have become LOL!! I will have to take pictures of the yard to show everyone...next time lol! Another thing I love about Nic. He loves to bake bread! I have never made bread or rolls lol he always does. Here's a picture of his work... and it tastes good too! As for me.... I am loving being home with my babies. I am definetly staying busy though. I am babysitting 3 kids during the week. I have Marcus Pixley (Megan's son, adn then Lori's brother's-in-law kids, Chloe and Cordd. I have Marcus 4 days a week and normally Cordd 3-4 days a week. Chloe I only have for about 2 hours 2-3 times a week. They are all pretty good kids and Taya loves having play mates. It is really nice to be able to be home and still be making some extra money. I also have been busy with hair in the evenings. I sure do enjoy doing hair and I really appreciate the business. If you ever need it done give me a call!! LOL Taya and Marcus at the park... isn't he cute... and Taya SCARY hair!! Taya is growning fast. The things she lears and retains amazes me. She's a great big sister. Yesterday Kamden was crying and she said, "oh buddy, come here and I will rock you!" So here's a little video of the event

here are some pictures of what she's been up too...
Mailing letters to her Grandma's

Hugging and Kissing on Kamden

Kamden is getting so big so fast. He still sleeps alot and over all is such a good baby.He's getting so chubby and I just love his cheeks. I am constantly kissing on them. I can't help my self!

I love these kids...