Saturday, November 29, 2008


As some you may know and a lot of you don't I love shopping the day after Thanksgiving. My father in law thinks I am crazy and so does my husband infact they joke that I get more excited about it then I do Christmas. But I Love shopping knowing I am saving a ton of money for us. I do coupons too and I love walking out of the store spending 8 dollars and bringing home over 100 dollars worth of grocery's! Any way my sister in law's found out that the AZ Mills mall opened at midnight so we all jumped in the car and headed that way!! We were so thankful that Randall drove cause traffic was insane trying to get off the free way to get in the mall. We got to the mall and walked in and decided it was not worth it. IT WAS INSANELY BUSY! So we let Kelsey do some shopping that she wanted to do and headed home. Then we went home. Cort and I took Randa home and then went back to mother-in-laws and woke her up. We went Khols first. We divided into sections and where in and out in 14 min (waited about 20 min for the store to open) with everything we needed. Then we went to Wal Mart. We called Randa on our way there and she met us there. We waited to be able to get our stuff for about 20 min again but where only there 18 min and got everything we needed. I had to do some good manuvering to get Nic's movie but it was well worth it!!! Then we were off to Target... we waited for about 15 min there and then where done in about 20 min. Once again with everything we needed. Then we headed to Old Navy where I go Taya some clothes for super cheap and some stuff for Nic and my brother! After that I was done and pretty much just along for the ride! Randa needed to go to Toys R Us for Teagan and when we pulled up there we decided it wasn't worth the savings the line was completely around the building! So we headed to sears where Randa got a vaccum they were out but they ordered it for her there and she still got the savings! I didn't know you could do that! Then we went to children's place. I needed tights for Taya's Christmas dress. Randa got some really cute clothes for Teagan and we even found a tie for $2.00. Then we headed home. I was so tired!! I hadn't been to sleep all night and I was starving! I ran into a good friend of Azure's, Ashley Dwiggins, who was kind enough to give me a gronala bar at Sears! Ashley it was SOOOO GOOOD!! It was really good to see you too!