Thursday, August 30, 2007

New HOME!!

Exciting news!! We bought a house!! Best part is that our good friends Amanda and David (Madden too) and Mike and Cara all bought houses in the same community!! We are all super excited and can't wait for them to be done. Our's and the Hall's (David and Amanda's) house should be done in December. As for Mike and Cara... not sure there!! It will be fun to have friends so close!! It will also great for Taya to have little Madden a few houses away!! Oh and I bet you want to hear about the house... well... It is a 3bedroom +den and two bathrooms. It is single level with two living and dining areas!! HUGE Pantry and Laundry!! It is just under 1800 sq ft. Oh and has a covered back patio and two car garage!! We are so excited and I have been waiting to post this till we met with our lender!! Which we did today and she says that everything looks great!! Oh and it is in Queen Creek... which I hope doesn't discourage anyone from visiting!!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Despain Reunion!

This past week end we had a lot of fun. We went to the Despain Reunion out at the Despain Ranch. We ate some really good food and got to visit with all the cousins. We then headed over to Uncle Ralph's house to have some fun. Taya got to see his horse and ride it a tiny bit. She was too sure about her at first but soon enough she couldn't get enough of her!! Aunt Cort took her over to see the her to see the dog. Taya loves DOGS!! We then walked over to see the goats, where Taya found a donkey just her size that she could ride! After seeing all the animals, we went inside for a bit to get out of the sun. Uncle Ralph adores Taya and she loves him. She loves going to his house and seeing all the animals and there is nothing in Unlce Ralph's eyes that she can do wrong!! haha!! After Taya took a short nap inside, we went outside and played in the sand box for a while. There is all kinds of fun at Uncle Ralph's house!! We then drove out to Taylor to visit Grandma Holladay. Taya helped Grandma water her plants, although I think she watered herself a lot more! She loved holding the hose and trying to drink out of it!! We had so much fun spending time with the family. Taya loves her grandparents and loves going to visit them!!

Friday, August 10, 2007


So Taya and Nic sure do have a special bond. Yesterday, I got Nic to let me take some pictures of them as he took Taya for a ride on the quad. She sure is growing fast!! She's becoming more and more independent every day and she is not scared of much. Anyhow, Taya loves to ride the quad, especially with Daddy. Infact, Nic has taught her how to put the key, what button starts it, and what lever makes it go!! I took her for a ride earlier that day and she kept rocking back and for like... GO FASTER MOM!! Haha... so when we got to the house she took the key out and I got her down and she walked over to Nic and handed them to him!! HA HA!! It's was hillarious and she sure did tell me who was boss!! She loves her daddy and he definetly loves her too!! I can't believe all she has learned the past month! It's amazing to watch her learn and grow. I am so glad that she is part of our lives and that Heavenly Father knew how much our family needed her little sweet spirit!! I thank him every day for blessing our home with our little girl!!

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Bitter Sweet News!!

Well Nic and I made a little trip to the valley Wednesday night. Thursday, Nic went over to Chandler-Gilbert first thing and met with a counselor. He came home and registered for school. At 1:00 he drove over to Scottsdale for his interview. He got the JOB!! Yay! He gets paid well, with benifits, company car, and company phone!! We couldn't have asked for more. At 5:00 we headed over to lifetime fitness for my second interview. I aslo got the job. I will be working in the daycare, part-time. I get to take Taya with me!! It is very exciting!! So we move down before the 18th of this month. Thank you everyone for your prayers on our behalf. So back to the valley we go!!