Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Our Little Lady is 3!!

Miss Taya turned three yesterday. We had a birthday party on Saturday for her big day. We ate some good burgers cooked by... Some good looking guys!! There were a lot of cute kids! They played and we did a pinata! It was a lot of fun! Taya had a blast and was exhausted by the time the party ended! Pictured is Taya, Elli Canter, Madden Hall, Kambria and Jaci Fullerton, Stratton Craig, and Teagan Canter. Not pictured is Addyson Corbett (I don't know how she escaped the camera) Here is a fun video of the pinata.... (okay technical difficulties here! I will try to upload it again... or a slide show)

Then of course there was a really great cake... Made by my awesome sister Kati! Thanks to her and Boston we got everything we need done for the party! Also Boston's birthday was on Sunday! Happy BIRTHDAY BOSTON!! WE LOVE YOU!! Taya got a lot of fun presents. Thank you to everyone you all spoiled her! We had a lot of fun and we hope everyone that came did to! We love you guys!!a video of the cake... (once again technical difficulties)
I love this picture of Jaci... And a quick video of the presents. (once again same thing ahaha)
Taya was cracking me up. She said the funniest things when she was opening her gift. Like she got a register from Steve and Kelli (Oma and Papa) and she said, " oh.. I always wanted one of these!" Any way she was hillarious! A just want to say a little something about my little girl. She is my bestest friend! I love her from head to toe. She makes me laugh and brightens every day and even though she can be a pill I adore her. Thank you Taya for being such a good little girl. I sure do love you to pieces! Daddy does too!!! Happy Birthday!!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Baby Shower!

We have been busy little bees this past month. We've had a lot of fun. My sisters-in-law and my mother-in-law threw a baby shower for Kamden. We really appreciate everybody that came and all of the great gifts. He will be well dressed now. Thank you so much. Here are a few pictures of the party!

Thursday, June 4, 2009


I haven't ever really posted any pictures of my house because I always knew one day we would finish painting it. That day is almost here! All we have left is Taya's room and ours. Maybe one day i might feel like painting the bathrooms, but for now.... they can't wait for a long while lol! I told Nic I really wanted to have the main rooms in the house done and the kids rooms before Mr. Kamden made his grand appearance! Any way, thanks to Nic and Cortney we are almost done. I am not too worried about getting our room done anytime soon either lol! But anyway here are a few pictures of our kitchen/dinning room and family room.

Kamden's room....

Just the paint and the dresser but don't worry we will have everything ready before he gets here or so we hope lol! Here is another picture of just the dresser. Our neighbors Steve and Soana were kind enough to keep an eye out for a dresser for us. It was FREE!! Which was nice and Nic sanded it down and stained it and it looks great!

Also, Ms. Taya is getting so big. Well she talks big lol and is getting talk. The little lady still weighs 28lbs... gained nothing since Christmas! She can still wear 12-24 month clothes LOL! She is my favorite little friend though. She says the funniest stuff. We were sitting at dinner last night and she asked me... "So, Mom, what do you want to do today? Play or watch cartoons? Which one huh?" Nic and looked at each other and laughed. She also informed me that Kamden was sleeping in her bed with her, so to stop painting his room! Any way we sure do love her! I can't wait to see what another addition will bring!

My birthday was last Friday and it was great! Busy but great! Nic got me a new camera!! Yay! Our old one the lense wouldn't open half the time and I really wanted a new one before the baby got here! So he surprised me with it cause he told me there was no way he was buying on. All though I have to admit Taya kind of ruined the surprise I came home from work one day and she always comes out after I stop the car and asks me how my day was! I love it! Anyway, she asked me if I like my new camera that Daddy bought me?! I just told her, "I don't think you are suppose to be telling me this!" Anyway so all the pictures where taken with the new thing! It is a really cool camera.. it has a feature that if some one smiles it will detect it and take a picture of them automatically! Cool I think! It does alot of other things but you'll have to ask Nic about all that lol!

We did find out some great news! The fluid around the baby is now normal. So this dang diet is working! I also have lossed about 17 lbs since they put me on it! Baby is in the 53% and he may have the same kidney thing that Taya has, multiple ureturs. But othere than that things are great! I have to see the Dr every week to go over my sugars and to have a stress test. YAY!! Not really but I tolerate it! Anyway! Things are good at the Despain Home!