Saturday, September 6, 2008

Camping '08 and Babysitting

Hello everyone! I hope everyone had a safe labor day weekend. I am thankful that we did and We had a blast. Every year Nic's family goes camping. And I mean Nic's Great Grandma Brewer's siblings decendents. We enjoy going every year and in fact it is something we look forward too! Infact Nic said today that August felt like it was never going to end cause he just could wait to go camping and now here it is September. Any how. We are trully blessed with a wonderful family that we enjoy camping with and in all honesty we eat better camping than we do all year(sad I know). Here are some pictures of our trip!

Grandpa Despain, Teagan Canter, and Taya Despain

Here is a better picture that you can see Grandpa's face! Man, we love him!

Taya even had her very own potty chair! Lucky girl!

We even had a surprise visitor, Ms. Alionna Connolly! Brindi went through the temple on Satuday the 30th and Lonna asked if we wanted to watch Ali. We were happy to and since we were camping inbetween Heber and Snowflake it worked out great. Taya and Ali had alot of fun together. They really are kindrid spirits. They don't get to see eachother too often, in fact it as been four months since they had seen eachother, but they just pick up where they left off and are the best of friends. They laughed and played and were inseperable. They had games at the reunion for the little kids so the girls got to go easter egg hunting and they did the three legged race, which they never fell and I am still kicking my self for not having a camera to capture it all! They definately got dirty too! Which what fun is the reunion without a lot of dirt! When I went to take Ali to the road to meet Lonna she asked Taya, "Taya, you come play at my house now?! We have fun!

Taya replied, "Okay, let's go!"

Then Brindi got there and Ali climbed in the car and scooted over, patted the space next to her and said, "Taya come on! Get in Mee Mee's care with me. We go play at my house!" It was so cute and I had to be the mean mom and tell Taya not today. She was pretty broken hearted! Any way here are some of the precious moments I got of the girls!

Lonna thank you for letting Ali come play! They had a blast! I have to say there were several times I could see us in those two little girls!

Teagan's Sucker! He loved it! Infact he ripped it out of my hand and knew exactly what to do with it!

And it wouldn't be camping with out games, family, and marshmallow roasting!

I also want to just say how much I appreciate my husband! He may tease me CONSTANTLY! But he's very helpful and very supportive. I love you NIC!

And last but not least. Taya and I got to watch Teagan on Friday! We had lots of fun. Infact Taya had so much fun she fell asleep sitting up and slept for four hours and woke up GRUMPY!! I think she just wore her self COMPLETELY out. Any here are a few pictures of ADVENTURES IN BABYSITTING TEAGAN 101! Thanks Randa and Mike for letting us play with Teagan all day!

Oh... We went to Elli's Birthday Party today and it was alot of fun! Randa thanks for taking all the time to do what you do. The party was awesome. Nicole!! I am so sorry we missed Cory's party! I was hoping to make it but I had to do some hair that morning and I didn't get done till about 12:45pm! We need to get together soon though!

Till next time!! PS sorry so long!