Monday, October 22, 2007

In Memory of Azure Dea Bigler Starkes

Azure Dea Starkes was born June 9, 1983. She was greeted by her mother, Donna Lannette Bigler, father, Keith Earl Bigler, sister's Lori Michelle Bigler (Baker), and Deni Lynn Bigler (Berger), and brother, Benjamin Keith Bigler. By 1986 there were two new additions to the Bigler Family. Jessica Lane Bigler (Despain) in 1985 and Kati Elizabeth Bigler in 1986. Azure greated both new sisters will great love and excitement. Azure grew up in Heber, Az. She touched the lives of many people as she smiled, sang, and danced into everyone's heart's. She was baptized into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saint's at the age of 8 years of old. She attended Capps Elementary, Mogollon Junior High, and Mogollon High School. She loved being goofy while hanging out with family and friends. She also played basketball, softball, and volleyball all four years of high school for Mogollon High. She loved sports and after graduation she enjoyed coaching the Junior High School Girls. She also played softball for her church and on a city league team. On June 26th of 2004, Azure was sealed in the Snowflake Arizona Temple to the love of her life Brian Keith Starkes. Azure and Brian loved each other very much. They enjoyed playing games together and just being around one another. On April 26th, 2007 Azure and Brian welcomed into the world a son, Eric Andrew Starkes. Azure's excitement for being a mother was contagious. She loved every moment she spent with Eric and their wasn't a movement or cooh that went unnoticed. She thought every thing he did was amazing and would never let you forget how happy she was that she was a mother! On October 13, 2007 Azure died due to injuries sustained in a car accident, her son was in the car, but was unharmed. Azure passed away at 24 years old. She was an amazing friend, daughter, wife, sister, and mother. She is and will be dearly missed! We wanted to thank everyone that has been there for our family in this time of need. We love our Azure and we love everyone who has been there and supported us. We do know that Azure is in a better place. Some day we will be with our Azure again and we will laugh and cry together. We are so thankful for the knowlege we have and for the atonement of Christ that will allow us to repent for our sins. We are so thankful for eternal families and the knowledge that we will all be together again. Again thank you all for your love, support, and prayers.