Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Some GREAT news

We took Taya to Phoenix Children's Hospital on the 6th to get a VCUG test done. The test was to see if the procedure she had done back in December worked or not. Taya and I checked in at 1:15 and Nic came later to go into the test with us. I can't be in the room when the actual test is being done because it is an xray and I am prego. I was glad he was there. Taya did great. She really does so good the only time she ever cries is when they put the cathider in, which is completely understandable. Their staff is so awesome! We love PCH! Anyway, Taya got to pick a toy after the test and she found a Winnie Pooh dressed up like a bunny! She loves it. We then headed across the street to meet with her eurologist to get the test results. Dr. Richie gave us some wonderful news. Her kidney's are functioning perfectly! He said he didn't need to see her again unless she gets a UTI! No more medicine, no more tests, no more visits! It was such wonderful news. I had such a full heart when we left. I am so thankful to my Heavenly Father for taken care of Taya. We are so thankful that she is healthy!!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Our busy weekend and....drum roll please....

We continue to stay very busy. Even on a weekend like this past weekend that was suppose to be relaxing we found plenty to keep all of us busy! On Friday, I watched Marcus Pixley, he is my friend from work, Megan's son. (that was kind of a confusing sentence lol) Any way, he was a joy to have. Taya loved having some one around to play with!

Disclaimer** Taya was playing with her dress up clothes and Marcus brought me the dress and wanted to play too... who am i to tell him no.LOL!

Then we went and saw Amanda and Madden for a bit Taya and Madden had a ball! Taya loves going over there and I am so thankful that Amanda is willing to keep her 3 days a week for me!! Here is a picture of Taya and Madden playing ring around the roses.

On Saturday we went to the Nursery by our house and bought some flowers, strawberries, and seeds to plant the garden. Taya and Nic had a lot of fun. She loves to be outside working with her daddy! I drove to Phoenix to visit Kati and do some hair at her house! Thank you for all of you that came over there! I appreciate the business! Here are some pictures of Nic and Taya at work.

Nic and his dad also canned 40 lbs of chicken! We love canning! It is a lot of fun to do and to know that you are following a commandment on top of that makes it even more worth it.

Taya has been such a helper lately! She loves to do the dishwasher... as she calls it. She loves to clean! I hope it continues LOL!

She also loves to brush her teeth and is getting quite good at it!

And last but certainly not least! We went and had our ultra sound today! Everything looks great! They say HE is completly healthy. In the 63% percentile! So yes.... We are having a BOY!!!

He moved around like crazy during the ultrasound. He did not like being looked at lol! Nic was excited. It is time this house got a boy... there is way too much pink (according to him lol. We have talked a bit about Kamden as a name... but we don't really know! Anyway... he is healthy and a BOY!!