Monday, June 9, 2008

Happy Birthday Azure!

Some of you may or may not have known that my older sister passed away in October of 07. It was a big surprise to us; she was in a fatal car accident. Any how today is her birthday. All day long I think I tried to keep my self busy so I wouldn't have to think about it. On my way home from work it started to hit and I just knew I needed to do something today for her to show that I hadn't forgotten her. I'd like to share of few memories or thoughts.

Taya likes to sing a song off of Winnie the Pooh. Azure used to play with her and sing it to her when she was a few months old as she would stand her up and sit her on her bottom, singing "when I up, down, touch the ground, puts me in the mood, up, down, touch the groud, in the mood, *smack* for food. I am stout, round, and I have found, speaking poundage wise, I increase my appetite, when I exercise!" Taya knows most of the words. She still needs promptings her and there but everytime I sing it I can see Azure playing with her again... Azure loved Taya and Taya loved Azure...

I was blessed to have a sister that I got a long with so well. Azure was one of my best friends in high school. We talked about almost everything and I enjoyed playing sports with her. I always seemed to find an encouraging note from her before a big game, test, etc.
Azure was such a beautiful person inside and out. I loved her. I still do very much.

Azure was all about comfort. Things needed to be comfortable in fact, for her wedding her brides maids wore capri's and flip flops, she wore flip flops herself. She didn't see the point in an ugly dress that you would never wear again. When we were taking picture in front of the temple after Azure and Brian where sealed she wanted a picture of us (her bride's maids in the water fountain) and don't think that being in a dress kept her form getting in there with us!! I always loved how spontanious and crazy she was!

Family was very important for Azure. She used to say "you mess with one bean, you mess with the whole burrito!" I know how important family was to Azure. She loved her husband, Brian Starkes very much. She also love her sweet, little baby boy, Eric Andrew very very much. I used to tell her that she spoiled him because she held him all the time and if he whippered she'd pick him. I am glad she did now! She was such an example in so many ways to me. I have always looked up to her. I miss her dearly and I can't say I don't wish her back everyday. There were a lot of things left unsaid... I know that she is in a better place, where she can watch over us all better. I am thankful for that knowledge! I love you Azure! Happy Birthday SIS!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Ok, so I am sorry it has taken me so long to update our blog.... We have been so busy!! When we are not working at work, we are working at home, or playing softball and chasing Taya. Nic has been keeping himself busy landscaping the backyard. I haven't gotten pictures of it yet. It is always too dark by the time I think about it. It is going to look great though. He has been working on it every weekend and I think that we are becoming quite regulars at Home Depot and Lowe's! I have been staying busy painting inside of the house. Here is a before and after of the guest room (the paint was an oops paint for 5 bucks!!)

Also we celebrated my 23rd birthday! (KIM you were right thanks for remembering!!) Nic surprised me with a Cricut Expression which I am SOOOO excited to use!! I have only used it once but I am excited to get to use it for all kinds of fun stuff like the craft Amanda helped me make, We made one for my mom too for mother's day but different colors and stuff...

Nic also invited our family over for cake and ice cream. It was a lot of fun and I am so thankful for all of you who came to hang out with us!! Thanks for all the awesome presents and cards! And thank you for making a trip out to see me on my birthday! I am so thankful for Nic and his thoughtfulness! Thanks Babe, I love you!! any way here are a few pictures of the night! Oh and Amanda thanks for watching Taya for me! We sure do appreciate you guys and Mom thanks for everything the cake was delicious! Lori thanks for bringing the ice cream, and all you do for us as well. Our family is sure blessed!!

I have also been making bows for Taya's hair. They are so cute!!

Okay and a quick update on Miss Taya. (sorry this is so long) Taya is growing up so fast. We are almost done potty training and she talks and understands so much. Nic and I just like to listen to her babble while we crack up at her. She has such a funny personality and is so smart. She loves to help me cook, paint, clean, make a mess, etc. She is definitely my little helper aka MESS! haha She also loves to help Nic with anything he is doing whether it is feeding the dog, working on the truck, or working on the back yard! She is right there in the middle of it all!! Anyway here are some pictures of Taya in action!!