Saturday, July 26, 2008

ROCK BAND... and a little surprise....

Last night we went over to our friends, Clint and Jeni's house to hang out and watch a movie. Clint and Jeni have two little girls, Rayli and Lizzy. They are a year and a couple days apart in age. Rayli is about two months older than Taya and they just have a ball together. Lizzy kind of follows them around and teases them. It's funny cause for being the youngest she sure does rule the house! haha!!

Taya and Rayli, and then Lizzy!!

Anyway, the movie wasn't too exciting... Griffin and Phoenix.... BORING!! So Nic called Jason and Kristy DeWitt. They brought over rock band and the party began...

We had a ton of fun!! Definitely a game we need to invest in! Thank you guys for a wonderful time! Jeni- sorry about Ray's finger!! Thanks for a great evening!!

The surprise.... I know what you are thinking... no I am not pregnant. haha... So I finally got up the courage to do something I have been really thinking about doing for a really long time....

I cut Taya's hair, about 3 inches off!

It is really cute and I am glad that I did it. I was in a hair cutting mood cause my good friend, Lindsey Wise came over today and we cut and colored her hair and I cut her hair pretty short so.... any how, here it is! Tell me what you think.

Also Taya is totally potty trained. 100 PERCENT! No diapers at night! She has been for about 3 weeks now and we are super excited about it! TILL NEXT TIME TA TA!!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Our Little Miss Taya


So Taya has had a running nose and fever so we took her to the doctor to discover that she has an ear infection. They also measured her and Nic and I always knew that Taya was small but I didn't think she was that small. She weighed 24.8lbs which puts her in the TEN Percentile for her age!! I am not sure how tall she was (I didn't even think to ask) but she was in the TWENTY Potential for her height. IT was crazy. Nic just said "So, what your saying is we have a really short, scrawny kid?!" It was funny! Anyhow, WE have really enjoyed Taya and the special blessing she is in our lives!! She has such a fun personality and I just crack up at her every day. Her are a few resent pictures of Taya!

Just coming home from church on day

She told me she was doing Daddy's homework! HAHA!!

Putting make up on!! HAHA. I came home from a meeting and she still had it on. It was hilarious. She knows the general idea of where everything is suppose to go on her face.


Nic's hard work is really paying off. The back yard is looking great and it has helped with the dust our here immensely!! GOOD WORK BABE!!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

A much needed up date...

A lot has happened to our little family. We have been so busy and every time I think I have found time to update on out blog... the Internet isn't working or Nic needs to do homework etc. Any how. Beginning of June kept us all busy. My little sister Kati and Boston Bryce were married on the 14th.

Taya turned two on the 29th. Sorry for all of you out of town family or friends (also those of you I don't see often) I made invitations for everyone and by the time it was said and done it was too late to mail them out and I didn't have time to do it. Any how we had a little pool party and Mike and Randa Canter's (Nic's sister's). It was a lot of fun and thank you to all of you who came and hung out!! Boston and Kati have some video of the party that I will have to post when they email it but for now here are some pictures of Taya's party.
The Amazing CAKE! She was so excited. Thank you Sis. Crawford!

Everyone had a lot of fun swimming. It was a good party for such a hot day!

And the presents... Let's just say she has plenty to play with and A LOT to wear while doing it!! LOL!!

And... Nic bought a motorcycle. I know I think I am crazy.... When he brought it home I wouldn't go see it... I told him , "I am going to wake up and this is all going to be a bad dream!" LOL. But he loves it and with gas prices they way they are... mad since. We haven't been able to sell the truck and it is really expensive for me to drive it into work even if it is just one or two days a week. So pictures of the bike...

Okay, and.... (sorry I am almost done) We went up to Heber for the fourth of July. It was nice to get out of the heat and to spend some time with my family. I didn't take any pictures but I am going to have to steal from Boston and Kati. Any how we had a great time. I got to see a lot of people I haven't seen in a long time. I was said I never got to see alot of people (Tara Lee, Kandra, Brindi, JP, etc.) I hope everyone did have a great fourth of July. We really did. My dad turned 50 on the 5th and we had a little surprise party for him after the fireworks!! He's such an amazing man and I wish we could have done a bit more for him but it was fun to surprise him! Happy Birthday DADDY! We sure do love you!!