Monday, March 21, 2011

We are alive :)

Wow, has it really been almost a year since I last updated?! I am a facebooker now lol:) I check that thing more than 3 times a day, helps having access on my phone ;) But anyway we are alive, all four of us! We have been busy little bees and have been blessed many times by our Father in Heaven! I will just give you the run down on our busy little family!

This is Mr. Kamden... he's a very lovable cuddly boy, with a big temper and a perfect heart melting smile. He gave us some scares recently with seizures... official diagnosis Complex Febrile Seizures... He's fine and he'll grow out of them. He loves balls, books, bats, cars, dinosaurs, his sister, the tramp, his daddy, nursery and lots of other things!! He's very entertaining and I adore him!! His vocabulary amazes me there is nothing he can't say! Although I believe his favorite word is NO!! Did I mention he's obsessed with Elmo?! He saw it once in the hospital and has been in love ever since! Oh and his Blaket only the ones that are tied and have pecos:) He's growing way to fast and it makes me sad. But we have been very blessed by this little man. We all love him ALOT! Nic loves having his little boy that he can tease and play with.... almost time for number 3......................... ALMOST I said!

This is Miss Taya... she is a sweet helpful little lady, with a mean streak and a sassy unforgetful personality. She loves school, primary, reading, singing, dancing, babies, barbies, her mommy, her brother, her daddy, her soft snuggly blankets, and her doggie. She begs everyday for a baby sister and to go to school. She will be attending kindergarten at Legacy in the fall (breaks my heart) and will be playing soccer this spring. She is sooooo excited about both!! She loves her brother and is a wonderful big sister. She is a big help to both Mommy and Daddy. She has trully been a blessing in our lives and how thankful we are for her. She is also very loved by all of us! We wouldn't trade her for the world (most days that is).

As for the man of the house... Well Nic is a busy man... he's working construction full time, attending school full time, and running a carpet cleaning business he is also starting his own company with a good friend of ours. We are so proud of him and the fact that he always makes time for us! He is a fun guy with an always teasing personality...gets him in trouble sometimes lol but we adore Daddy we couldn't ask for a better fellow!!

Mom.... well she's busy as well still babysitting, doing hair, and staying busy with her calling. She loves to read, sew, and be home with these little boogers :) She wouldn't change anything about her life. She feels trully blessed and content with all that Heavenly Father has blessed her with...

That concludes this brief update hopefully you'll hear from us soon!!