Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I don't have a tail...

The other night Mataya was doing something she wasn't suppose to and Nic said,"Taya you better knock it off or I am going to kick your tail."
Taya replied,"DAD! I don't have a tail! Only you and Kamden have tails!"
Nic laughed and said,"What do you think a tail is?"
LOL! We laughed and laughed!!!We are still laughing about it... Silly little girl!

On another note it has been a busy week. It was really cold and rainy outside on Monday so what do you do with three intergetic kids you ask? Well, you build a fort and before you know it... It's lunch time and nap time!!

I also got to watch Katelyn for a little bit... I didn't get a picture of her!! But we had fun!

Tuesday we went into town so we could take Teagan to the park. I knew he might be going stir crazy and Taya wanted to go to the park so after my run we drove into town and picked Teagan up and went to the park. It was alot of fun!

And of course I had to hold Miss Macie for JUST A MIN!! I even got half a smile from her!!

Today I watched Ty Hill! He was a good little guy but I only got one picture of Kamden and Ty together! Those boys are CRAZY!!

OH and I did it!! I made a bubble skirt for Taya!!

And here are a few of my favorite pictures of my family from this week... I love little moments like these...

Happy Wednesday!
Love, Despain Family

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

What a month already!!

Life is grand at the Despain home. We have been SUPER busy as always. Between family stuff and church I am surprised we find time to sleep!! But we are doing great! We were able to go up to Heber and my parents watched Mataya and Kamden while Nic and I went snowboarding. I am starting to get the hang of it and I am really starting to enojoy it. Anyway while we were up there we went and visited with my Grandma Bowers. She hates the snow and was getting cabin fever because she wouldn't go out with all of it out there so we decided to visit her. Infact she has a sign on her porch that says, "Let it snow, somewhere else!" It was good to see her and my kids love her just about as much as I do!

Taya had her first dentist appointment a week ago. It really was her third but the other two times she was not having it. She wouldn't even open her mouth so the dentist could look at her teeth. This time she did great. She let them clean them, count them, floss them, but she wouldn't let them suck up her spit (sorry don't know any gentler way of putting that. Any how we are so very proud of her. She sure is growing fast and I sure appreciate the good big sister and daughter she is growing up to be. She is so smart. She wrote her name on all of her valentine's cards and she has memorized the first article of faith! We are so proud of you Taya!

Speaking of teeth Kamden has two daggers! He's bite me several times nursing... I think I'm ready to be done! LOL! He's crawing everywhere!! He's growing way to fast it saddens me. He's such a sweet little guy and he is such a good baby! I sure do love my two kids and I am so lucky to have them!PS don't mind the messy face. He LOVES those Gerber bitter bars!

I am still loving my sewing machine. I made a quilt for my little sister's baby. It turned out so cute and I am still so proud of my self lol!

On Valentine's Day we got the best present! Nic's sister Randa had her baby girl. Miss Macie Lyn Canter arrived at 7:17am, 20 in long and she is ADORABLE. I was happy to see that she was wearing the Valentine Bow I made for her. Anyway we all love her and are so glad that MOMMA and MACIE are doing great! Congrats Mike and Randa!

Nic has been staying busy...Do you like his new bike? LOL?!

Until next time!! AUSTA!!