Monday, January 21, 2008

OUR 2 Year Anniversary!

Sunday, January 20th was our 2 year anniversary! It was a pretty relaxing day. Since Taya was so sick we decided not to go out of town like we had orginally planned. Instead we went to a movie "27 Dresses" on Saturday night while Lori watched Taya. (The movies was so GOOD, Nic says it was okay) Any how we had a great anniversary. It's amazing how fast two years has flown by. We are so happy to have found one another and we can't wait to see what the rest of our lives TOGETHER will bring. So far.... February 2006- We celebrated our first Valentine's day together. We also attened Nic's great grandpa Brewer's funeral and really began to apprieciat eternal love!
April 2006- We found out we were going to be having a little girl in July
May 2006- I finally quit working at Regis! Oh and I turned 20!!
June 2006- On the 28th things started it happing and we had Miss Mataya Kylee Despain at 2 o'clock on the 29th!
August 2006- Nic got a job offer in Show Low, Nic received the Melchizedek Priesthood
September 2006- Taya was blessed by Nic and we moved to Show Low
October 2006- We took Taya out for her first trick o' treating
November 2006- Celebrated Thanksgiving with the Despain's
December 2006- Celebrated Christmas with the Despain's
January 2007- We were sealed as a family in the Snowflake Temple
May 2007- Nic took a job with Cameron Conolly, and got his real estate licence
June 2007- Taya turned one!
July- Watched the Fireworks in Heber!!
August- Moved back to the valley
October- Learned how important one another is when Azure passed away.
November- Signed on our first house in Queen Creek!

We have had alot of fun the past two years and alot has happened to our little family. We are so Thankful that we know that we can be together forever... even after this life. I learn more about Nic every day and I am so thankful for a wonderful husband and for what a wonderful daddy he is. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Taya has been sick the last couple days. It has been so hard to go to work and leave her, especially when I know she just wants snuggles!! Any way even though she doesn't feel good she is quite the little trooper. She just wants to be held more than normal and just keeps telling me "Mom I yuck!" The first time she said it I asked "Do you feel yucky?" And she said "Yeah!" I thought it was pretty cute. For the most part though she just sleeps more and doesn't want to eat much. I hope this all passes soon!! I miss her happy smiles!!

On a happier note... she is talking so much! She hands you stuff and says "Er you go!" or if her sippy cup leaks she'll say "I Spill!" She discovered her pocket and everything has to go "in me pocket." She likes to talk on the phone, "Hewow, mi you bye bye" is the usual conversation! Oh she is growning and I can say there is no greater joy than having her in our lives! We have been so blessed to have such and amazing little girl!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

THE BIG 23!!!

Yesterday was Nic's 23rd Birthday! That morning Taya told nic "HAPPYY BIRDAY DADDY!!" Pretty cute I have to say. We had a BUNCH of family and friends over for hamburgers and games. It was a lot of fun and we appreciate all who came and also everyone who brought food too! It was WONDERFUL to see everyone. There was people there that we haven't see in a long time and it ment alot that you took time to join us for Nic's Birthday Bash!! He said he had a wonderful birthday and I am glad!! He deserved it! Nic is such a hardworker and is an amazing father and husband! We just love him! So here are some fun pictures of the night!! Also some of the pictures are from Sunday Night. Nic's parents came to celebrate his birthday a little early. We had some home made ice cream **YUM YUM** and we played a really fun game!! It was really good to have them come over and hang out for a while!! Any how the pictures!!

**I made Nic take a picture of us after everyone left! He hates pictures but was a really good sport... he toke 5 before I thought it was good enough! Ha ha! But I do love Nic and we are coming up on our 2 year anniversary and IT has been a wonderful two years and I can't wait to spend the rest of eternity with him!**

Friday, January 4, 2008

First Family Fun of 2008!

Hello Everyone!! I hope you all had a wonderful New Year! I know we did! We went to Nic's parents house and played games and ate some really good food!! Unfortunatly no pictures cause once again, I FORGOT MY CAMERA!! But we did have part of my family over for pizza and games last night, along with David, Amanda, and Madden. It was alot of fun!! So hear are some pictures of last night!

Nic and Taya playing some xbox

Taya playing XBox (determined)

The Crew!

After I realized the flash was off....

***Here are some Really cute pictures of Miss Taya! She's growing up way too fast***
Taya and her baby!!