Friday, April 30, 2010

To Mr. Greer

I just wanted to say a little something about a man named Frank Greer. He was one of my 6th grade teachers, he coached me in basketball, and he taught me a lot more than he will ever know. He has been a great part of my growing up and I can't thank him enough for all he taught me and all of his love he has always shared. He always has a smile to give and a warm hug!

A Few Things I learned-
*What the difference is between the gum chewing girl and the cud chewing cow!
*Nicknames are easier to remember than the real name like Little Sister, Skeeter, etc.
*McDonalds is NOT my favorite place to eat and even if we stop there EVERY trip that won't change
*Team work
*Love of the game
*Unconditional love
*The important thing

I just wanted to say publicly Thank you. You are a great example and I appreciate all that you have taught me! I love you and I am praying for you!

Little Sister

Friday, April 23, 2010

For Aunt Cortney!

I received an email from my sister-in-law, Cortney telling me that I NEEDED to update my blog. So this is for you Cort! As always we are busy, busy, busy. Nic is now working for a construction company called STB Construction. He LOVES it. He still is doing carpet cleaning and handywork on the side. He also is the Cubmaster in our ward and pulled off his first very successful pack meeting on Tuesday! Way to go babe! :)Since working Construction he has lost 20lbs!! He's back to what he weighed before working at U of P and I bet by the end of summer he'll be waisting away. But it has been nice cause he works from 6-2 everyday! So he is home early and I love it.

As for me I am staying busy with babysitting, hair, and my calling in the Primary, and of course taking care of my two kiddos! I enjoy everyday though. I love being in the Primary I have the opportunity to be with some very special people and a lot of extremely special kids! I love being home with my kids and I couldn't ask for a better kid to babysit. Marcus is such a good little boy and Taya loves having him to play with. Also Amanda Hall and I are doing the P90X workouts every morning and it is so nice to have a partner to keep me motivated. Thanks Amanda!! It is so nice that we live just down the road from each other!!

Mataya is still growning and getting smarter everyday. She is too tall for all the pants I bought her at Christmas but can still wear 24month skirts and shorts. She's getting tall! She still loves her little brother and loves to help mom and dad. She's a good girl, yet she does have her moments. I still love that she will still cuddle with me and love on me and she told my mother-in-law that she got so pretty cause her Mama made her that way!:) She now knows the 1st and the 2nd article of faith and loves to sing her primary songs. On suday she woke up and got her dress on and shoes and told Nic and I it was time for church. Too bad church isnt tell 2pm!

Kamden is growing TOO fast! He will stand by himself. We welcomed another two teeth this month making a total of 6 teeth!! He now has 4 on bottom and 2 on top! He got the flu and that was rough for a few days and his appetite still isn't back to where it was but it is getting there. He had his first popsicle yesterday and well.... He loved it he ate it all in like 5 min and I think he got a brain freeze at one point cause he started to cry halfway through but if I took it from him he got freeze away. He taught himself to drink out of a straw and he still loves his sister. Here is a video of him laughing at her.
He also is a busy body! My mom said that nursing him must have been like nursing the tasmanian devil! I have to agree with that... He hates to sit still he loves to explore and he LOVES to be outside and loves to play with balls! He chase a soccer ball all over the backyard. I think Grandpa got his ball player! He's still very sweet and very happy! Some of my Favorite Pictures of my kids:

Happenings of this month: My sister Deni, her husband Brett, and their two kids, Ryan and Sydney came to Arizona and we got to spend some time with them. IT was alot of fun. We went to the easter pagent, had easter dinner together, went to Tre' and Tucker's ball games, went to the zoo, went to Chuckee Cheeses and had a lot of laughs!
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Maci Lynn Canter was blessed and I got sit and hold her last weekend and I gave her her first pigtails. My mother-in-law said "Oh, Macie this is just the beginning of Aunt Jess!" Ha ha!

Madden Hall also turned three and we got to go to his party! It was lots of fun! Happy birthday Madden!

Katelyn started solids! Whoo hoo Kate!