Tuesday, May 5, 2009


We have had some complications lately... if that is what you would call them I cannot think of a different phrase. Last Friday I went in for an ultrasound to measure the size of our little guy. They were concerned cause he had too much amniotic fluid around him and his abdomen was measuring in the 90th percentile. So the sent me for a specialist ultrasound on Monday. I also failed the one hour glucose test so I had to get the 3 hour test done to see if I had gestational diabetes again. I had it with Taya and I was able to control it very well by diet. So the diabetes doesn't really scare me it is something that I am familiar with. Monday, I went in and did the 3 hour test... I forgot how horrible that stuff is on an empty stomach! Then I went to the ultrasound with Nic at about 2 pm. We got some good and some bad news. His abdomen is only measuring a couple days a head.... no biggie according to the Dr. His weight is about 3lbs which is in the 53% so as far as measurements go I am measuring two days ahead of my due date but he looks great. He does still have a lot of amniotic fluid around him. Everything once again points to gestational diabetes. He also has one kidney measuring a bit bigger than normal. Once again the Dr told us this is very common in boys but we go back on the 29th to see if the kidney is still enlarged or if it worked it self out. I asked Nic why we couldn't create a kiddo with two good kidney's LOL!! Anyhow, I got my lab results back today from my sugar test and they were negative... kinda. My sugar at fasting was normal, at one hour was one point too high, and normal at two and three hour. Two have to be out of range to make a diagnosis of gestational diabetes. I talked to the specialist Dr. and we decided I would go ahead and treat it like I had gestational diabetes, meaning watch what I eat! I am suppose to meet with a dietitian next Thursday and start checking my sugar levels after every meal. WHoo HOO!! JK! I should hear from my OB tomorrow and I will see what they think as well. But really other than that our little guy is doing great. I am not worried about he diabetis cause it is something I know I can control! It explains why I am as big as I am (for those of you that haven't seen me I look like I did when I gave birth to Tay LOL). We did get some awesome 3D-4D pictures of our little man. I think he looks like his big sister!

*Pictures comeing soon! Due to technical difficulties I was unable to upload his pictures but I promise them tomorrow LOL*