Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Month of December

Here it is January and I am just getting to what happened to us in December! We had a great and eventful month. We started off the month by me flying to Florida for a week to do training at our Florida site. I really didn't do much but WORK... I am not to much of an adventure on my own. LOL! We sent Taya up to Heber to spend some time with my mom and dad. She had a blast and we are so glad that Grandma and Grandpa Despain were willing to bring her back for us. Nic picked me up from the airport. I have never been so happy to see him and little Taya. It was a long week with out them!

The next day we went to the Despain Christmas Party! It was alot of fun! It always is Great food, Great Company, and a wonderful white elephant gift exchange! Nic and I walked out with and ASU shirt and a bag of jerky! WHOO HOO!! In the cousin gift exchange Taya got the cutest tutu and crown! Thanks Ayla and Julie!

We also went caroling this year! It was a lot of fun. Great idea Grandpa!

The following week Taya had a procedure done on her Kidney at Phoenix Children's Hospital. Before she was born they discovered in an ultrasound that her left kidney was not draining properly. They told us when she was born that because of how enlarged the kidney was that she would have to have surgery before she was 3 months old. After some testing and many prayers, blessings, and fasting. We went in to get the results. Dr. told us everything looked GREAT and that he wanted her to come back in couple years to get some testing done to make sure things were still functioning right. So In November Kelli and I took Taya to Phoenix Childern's and had a VCUG test, xrays, and and ultrasound. Results weren't as great this time. Taya's Dr. (Dr. Richie) suggested she get a minor procedure done that would block the ureter that was causing the reflux. He said it was 90% effective, only 1 in 10 kids have to have it done again, out patient, she'll be about her normal activities same day. Nic and I discussed it and decided it would be the best thing. I hate the testing!!! Anyhow so we took her to PCH. My mom came with us for moral support! Thanks MAMA!! Taya did great! They let us get her changed into a gown and scrub bottoms (I wanted to take them home they were so cute)and we met with her doctor and the anesthesiologist. Then they took us down a hallway and took Taya one way and me and Nic another. Taya's Dr. met us at the door and said "come on Taya," and she turned and waved by and off they went. I turned to Nic and said, "They just took her, they didn't even ask!" I started to cry! It seemed like not even five min later that Taya's dr came out to talk to us about the results. He said," You knew your daughter was special right? Well she doesn't just have 2 ureters on the left kidney she has 3 and two on the right!" He said it was only the 3rd case he had seen in his 25 years of being a Urologist. The bad news was that he said he doesn't recommend the procedure they did. So we have to go back for more testing in a couple months to see if it worked.

We also celebrated Cortney's, Nic's sister, 19th Birthday!! Happy Birthday CORTNEY (this was the night before Taya's procedure)

My family also got together to do ginger bread houses. Thanks mom for providing EVERYTHING!!! She made the gingerbread molds and everything! She never ceases to amaze me!

And then of course there was Christmas... We had a wonderful Christmas! We did Christmas early with Nic's family since we were going to be at my parents for Christmas. I got a new cartridge for my Cricut and Nic got a new saw and we both got two boxes of food storage items! We were really excited about that! Taya got lots of toys and some really cute clothes from Cort. I also got a cute sign from Randa! We ate some great food and had a really great time. Then we left for Heber Christmas Eve. It was a white Christmas and it was a great one. My parents got us a pressure cooker for canning. My mom got an awesome had painting from my dad. My camera died right as Christmas began! But if you want to check out pictures you can go to www.bostonandkati.blogspot.com Lucky for me they took lots of pictures. We also went sledding and it was alot of fun. New years was spent at Lori's house. Brian and Ginger were there and we sure did enjoy their company and getting to spend time with Eric. We sure do miss our Azure. Brian complied all the pictures he had of Azure and burnt them on the CD. That was his gift to us and I sure do appreciate the time he spent doing it! Oh and Nic got me a new car!! It a 2003 Volkwagon Passat. It is black with pretty rims and I love it!!

Nic also built a shelf in our garage and a work bench. He never ceases to amaze me!

Nic's birthday was yesterday! Happy Birthday babe! We had his favorite dinner and just hung out and watch movies. He got some jerky, candy, a game called Quelf, and a snowboarding trip from me and Taya. Taya even got him a card. It was Hanna Montana with stickers. It was hillarious. Any way I love you Nic and hope you had a great Birthday!

Last but not least. As some of you know and many of you don't know. We are expecting baby number two! July 20th 2009!! We are so excited! Taya especially she always asks when she can feed her baby a bottle and when she can hold it. She's ready for a brother or a sister. Here's a picture from our first ultrasound it was done the 23rd of December.